Hi, I am Dr. Joanna.
Everything I do, I am dedicated to help people on their journey to wellbeing. With lifestyle interventions and nutraceuticals, we work on creating a solid health foundation and on balancing the body biochemistry. I believe that poor health is often associated with poor lifestyle, with lack of nutrients essential for vital processes in our body, with suboptimal gut health and with chronic stress. With my continuously growing expertise, my attention to detail, my thorough analysis and down to earth approach I am here to help You Thrive.

Are You struggling with fatigue, gut issues, weight issues, PMS or burnout?

and are you ready to roll up your sleeves, put some effort and feel better?

A functional medicine approach might be what you are looking for.
Imagine having more energy and vitality in your life
Imagine resetting your digestive system so you don’t feel constantly bloated anymore
Imagine sleeping better 
Imagine losing the extra kilos you are struggling with for years
Imagine Thriving instead of surviving
Advice on a healthy and balanced diet

Help to Heal Your Gut

Advice on gut health through healthy food

Help You Thrive

Advice about supplements and nutrition

Teach You How To Nourish Your Body


Dr. Joanna Krzeslak-Hoogland is an extraordinary professional and very knowledgeable. She has a holistic approach and dedicates time a. to understand the source of a health issue and b. to find a solution. Her consultation sessions and advice were a big help for me and I definitely recommend her services”

Sofia Simeonidou from Amsterdam, Editor at www.sofiasimeonidou.com 

“I used to get up tired, had mood swings and cravings through the day. Joanna has been invaluable in helping me regain my health, energy and feel in balance, it was so worth it. I like her way of working, openness and professionalism”

Beth from Utrecht, self-employed

“I was struggling with GI issues for years, together with Joanna we got to the bottom of it and healed my gut, Thank you so much!”

Dave from Amsterdam, manager

“Joanna is awesome and has helped us immensely with my son’s gut issues.”

Amanda from Amsterdam, mother of a four year old boy

“Joanna is a great listener and as such has a way to gently encourage you to get to know your body better. With a few visits and phone calls, we were able to find a holistic approach to altering my diet. It’s been a year since these consultations and I can surely say I know how to better nourish myself, and that I’m feeling much healthier now! I can recommend visiting Joanna if you’re having issues where diet may play a role.”

Claire from Amsterdam, project manager

“Thanks to Joanna’s guidance my family eats balanced & nutritious meals now and my kids are happily eating vegetables. It’s been a great investment in my family’s health and a pleasure to work with Joanna”

Maaike from Amsterdam area, mother of a 3 year old and a 5 years old

 “She is amazing! We changed our food and lifestyle for our daughter. After two weeks, there was already an improvement. I am very happy I made an appointment.”

Madelin from Edam-Volendam area, mother of nearly one year old baby girl

“I have lost extra weight effortlessly just by implementing Joanna’s simple nutritional tips. It was easier than I thought”

Iwona from Poland, works in Food Industry

“professional workshop with lots of great info”, “workshop contained very valuable content and was very interactive”, “explaining complex matters in a thorough yet relatively simple way”, “I gained a new insight on my gut microbes”, “I am motivated to change my diet now”

workshop attendees


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