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Being inspired by the effect of nutrition, lifestyle and mindset on our health, I am dedicated to help people on their journey to wellbeing. I believe in the power of knowledge and education; and I want to promote long-term health benefits by helping individuals to make informed health choices.

I guide you in creating more balance; in how you feel, how you function and sometimes how you think. First, by looking for signs of certain imbalances (based on symptoms and laboratory test results); and second, through the implementation of nutritional and lifestyle interventions. Your engagement, motivation and mindset are important in the process; and sometimes the road is smooth and sometimes rockier. Everyone has different needs and challenges, so I take the time to listen. I understand the value of communication, so you and I approach health as a team.

As a practitioner and a scientist, key points of my interest include our biochemistry, gut health, gut microbiome, blood sugar imbalances, hormonal imbalances and sleep quality – in relation to our nutrition, life style, stress management, our mindset and epigenetics. Our body is an amazing network of connections – one affecting another, therefore looking at different aspects can create better results. 

I come from Poland and right after completing my Biology MSc, I came to the Netherlands to continue my academic journey. I carried out doctoral research in molecular microbiology at the University of Groningen, earning a doctorate (PhD) in 2009. Then, I went on to work for one of the top biotech companies, being involved in clinical research and later in medical information. In 2015, I started an exciting new chapter in my life, by starting my own business and at the same time pursuing my passion for sharing knowledge and helping. I have completed education in basic medical knowledge, in nutrition, in dietary supplementation, in the field of functional medicine, and the basics of traditional Chinese medicine. I am registered as a healthcare provider (AGB-registration) and a therapist (at BACT). I constantly invest in my personal and professional development. I upgrade my knowledge by taking various courses and by reading scientific literature. In addition to individual consultations, I also provide consulting services for companies in the field of human but microbiome, nutrition and dietary supplements. Moreover, I had a privilege to (co)author publications and to provide my expertise in appearance of other readings. 

I use my academic, industrial and consulting experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice, to provide well-researched information and to share lifestyle interventions in a professional way with your best interest at heart. 

Learn more about health-related topics through my blog posts, workshops or consultations.  

Warm regards,

Dr. Joanna

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