Being inspired by the effect of nutrition, lifestyle and mind on our health, I am dedicated to help people on their journey to wellbeing. I believe that our physical and mental health is largely affected by our lifestyle and that our physical, emotional and psychological health status determines how we feel.

Key points of my interest include nutrition, gut health, biochemistry, sleep and mind-set. I believe in the power of knowledge and education and I want to promote long-term health benefits and help people make informed health choices. I give advice on nutrition, gut health, dietary supplementation, human gut microbiome, as well as basic mind-set focused intervantions. We try to identify a root cause contributing to your health complaints. Read more to find out if functional medicine approach is what your are looking for.

After seeing my daughters and myself benefiting from improving our nutrition, from healing our guts and from balancing our health foundation, I became inspired to promote health for people of all ages. My daughters from being sick most of the time before our transformation, now enjoy health and their childhood much more. And I turned from an exhausted, sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and nutrient-deficient young mother to a healthier and more energetic version of myself. Like every parent, I love seeing kids happy and healthy, and I’m always looking for ways to make their environment safer and healthier.

As a registered Naturopathic Therapist (a member of a BATC association), I am trained to look for signs of imbalances within your body and ways to restore them with a diet, lifestyle, quality supplements, and the right mind-set. In my work, I follow the 5 holistic principles (consisting of nutrition, detoxification, signaling, energy and a mind-set). I regulary upgrade my knowledge by following various educational programs. I take the time to listen and I understand the value of communication, therefore You and I approach health as a team. 

Few words about my background. I come from Poland and right after completing my Biology MSc, I came to the Netherlands to continue my academic journey. I carried out doctoral research in molecular microbiology at the University of Groningen, earning a doctorate in 2009. I went on to work for one of the top biotech companies, being involved in clinical research and later providing medical information on diseases and medications to professionals and the general public. I am an author of several publications and I have contributed to few books.

Through ProBiotic DIGEST I use my academic, industrial and consulting experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice, to provide well-researched information and nutritional advice in a professional way with your best interest at heart. ProBiotic DIGEST is all about promoting “health”, “life”, “healthy gut and beneficial microbes”, and about helping people to “digest” health related information. My interest in human microbes with a desire to teach about them makes me feel like being “a voice for the voiceless microbes”. I am a partner at the MyMicroZoo and I can give you a hand in understanding your gut (fecal) microbiome.

Find out all about gut health through the blog posts, articles, workshops, consultations and more, and please do let me know your thoughts, so I can grow and serve you better.

Warm regards,

Dr. Joanna

For more information, please visit Fi Global InsightsNew Stardom or Polonia.nl portal (in Polish) to read interviews with me, or listen to the SELFISH podcast with Nicola Cloherty How to Balance Your Gut and Hormones for Better Health”, or the Mum’s The World Podcast with me about “The good gut health from birth”, or please check my nomination for the Polish person of the year 2016 (in Polish and in Dutch) in the Netherlands and my participation as a mentor in the Global Mentoring Walk 2017 in Amsterdam.

See My Publications

  • Book „Zadbaj o równowagę mikroflory jelitowej. Popraw odporność i schudnij raz na zawsze”. G. E. Mullin. Polish edition of „The Gut Balance Revolution”.Galaktyka Publisher, April 2016. Translation to Polish: E. Kleszcz. Expert Consultant: J. Krześlak-Hoogland
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  • Book „Zdrowie zaczyna się w brzuchu”, E. Sonnenburg & J. Sonnenburg. Polish edition of „The Good Gut”. Galaktyka Publisher, October 2015. Translation to Polish: M. Golachowska. Expert Consultant: J. Krześlak-Hoogland
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Dr. Joann Krzeslak - Hoogland, Nutrition Expert

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